Client Dashboard

We designed the app for iPad that holds client base of a business and gives a quick access to it whenever it’s necessary.


The dashboard organized with cards concept and has different types of cards that fill all screen of iPad. Basically, people who use this app can have a quick overview right in the middle of a meeting or negotiation and even go deeper into details and read timeline to get an insight about previous experience with this client. We included such elements as data visualization and UI that allows people quickly arrange a new appointment without going anywhere else.


We’ve created the flow where people can use one device within an organization but using multiple accounts. So we’ve covered cases when you have, for example, several managers or specialists and they have their own customers and history of interaction with them.

Design Process

We’ve negotiated with client each step of interaction with the system, covered different use cases, wrote down design requirements, etc. Our main goal was to understand people who will use it and what tool do they need to improve their workflow. With this knowledge, we created wireframes and discussed what design will work here.