Moble app design

Crew Factors

Mobile App Design

We designed the app for iPhone that allows people to build a better communication performance to avoid mistakes in such professions as a pilot, spaceman, firefighter. Basically where communication skills are crucial.

Using the app on the start

Plenty of apps is hard to simply start using. We’ve done a lot of researches on the best way of getting a data from new users to work with it within the app and built a simple and clear experience by reducing the number of steps and data at the very beginning. We recommended to fill out the rest of the data in their profiles later and motivated to do that by more accurate calculations of the app.

UX/UI mobile app design

Log in

Since the accounts here provided within a certain organization first-time user can request a login and if he’s allowed then he accesses the system almost instantly.

Pair with a phone

These fields are pre-defined by an organization. So in general case users don’t need to change the data on this screen except for specific cases.


The screen is reacting to a voice of a user by simple wave visualization. People receiving an actual response from using the app.

Mobile report design


Different metrics allow getting an insight in general as a team score and for more specific areas such as speaking, overlapping, etc.

The benefit of visual representation of data is that it’s easy to understand and takes less time than trying to get an insight, for example, from raw data organized in table format. Each chart supported with an explanation of what it does.

Data visualization

We designed the navigation of the app in a way of tabs in the bottom area of each screen. So it’s quite easy to switch between different sections of the app.

Reports UI

Info screens

It’s really important to take care of info screens for the cases like something was done in the app or quick tutorial for people who just started using the app or guidances during the usage of the app. We didn’t want people to feel stupid using the app. And screens like these allowed us to reduce frictions between users and technologies.

Walkthrough user experience

Design process

When we started designing this app it was hard to find any analogs on the market and after spending some time on research we imagined who’ll use it. What background these people have, what are they used to in general sense. From this point, we wrote down some user stories to understand what kind of user flow will be convenient for them. All of this was the knowledge base for creating wireframes that can be taken in work on the design and further iterations.

User flows and wireframes
Max S.
UX/UI designer
Crew Factors