The goal of this project is to design clear interface for creating, managing and monitoring space in a cloud.

About Krystallize

Krystallize helps to choose the proper cloud for business. Users can compare, select and manage the right cloud based on performance. This service offers a deep, detailed analysis of cloud performance, identifying where issues and bottlenecks are occurring and providing data for quick resolution and optimization to let the system run faster, better and cheaper.

Choose And Configure Flow

This flow starts from simple login form.

You have 3 choices in detailed cards.

On those screens users can choose what they want to place in the cloud. It has generic option in case when they want to place something that is not refers to any of the first 3 options.

This is the summary screen, where users can see perfomance options.

Here, users can choose their Cloudstone, such as AWS, Azure, Rackspace... They also can view performance chart in each choice.

Clean and simple configuration panel is there to set custom parameters. Users can view how the chart changes in real time and how it depends on different configuration.

Payment screen.

Monitoring Flow

This flow is for monitoring projects in a cloud. Also users can start to configure their apps from this point.

Optimization Flow

This flow was created for expert users for changing core settings in their cloud space.

Style guide

For convenience of implementation stage and improving speed of development, we created style guide with all elements and states of UI controls.