Scheduling app product design

Scheduling app

Product design

We've designed an application that helps to organize work processes in a company by creating schedules and shifts.

Shifts and schedule

The main challenge in the Shifts design was to cover all possible use cases and roles inside the app. At the same time, it had to be easy to use and pleasantly looking. One screen has a few states, but a seamless experience in cases like if you need to change the date or view shifts with a different status.

Shifts and schedule design
Team screen design

Team management

Easy access to team members and a quick way of adding new employees. We've used the hidden design across the app design, so it helped to keep anything minimalist looking and functional at the same time.

New Account

The New Account user flow is designed to take into account standard organization processes inside companies. We've used design conventions and patterns to achieve the best user experience possible since flows like this should be pretty familiar for new users, and that should not create any delays for both employers and employees. Although, the design is custom almost on every step of the way so that it's in sync with the technical abilities and the back end of the app.

Account and verification design
Schedule diagonal screens design

Main area

We've designed a lot of views to test the user experience using design prototyping tools and, basically, to understand how everything will look in any corner of the app. We could see the whole picture and make sure that all the areas, screens, and elements of the app are consistent and if we need to optimize it in any way before the design implementation.