Video scripts illustrations

Video Shooting Scripts


Lots of businesses create videos to promote themsleves nowadays. We designed scripts to simplify this task and answer on the question how to do it.

32 Scripts, Each For Different Purpose

The main challenge of this project was to create 32 video scripts with different content. So basically, as the final result we have 32 decent video scenarios that easy to understand and it saves a bunch of time that can be spend on thinking about a content of a video, what things people want to highlight to keep videos short and informative, and what is a sequence that will make videos easy to watch and understand the main message.

Video scenarios illustrations


We designed a modern layout that has a step by step structure, big placeholders for illustrations, nice typography, space and navigation between pages.

Around 350 Digital Illustrations

It was a long process, but we did it. Each script consists of 10 to 15 unique illustrations. We’ve drawn and placed all of them in scripts.

Scenarios layout
Set of illustrations
Kate S.